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How it began

Twenty-seven people gathered at the Springwood RSL Club on Monday 19 October, 1981 to witness a demonstration meeting of Toastmasters. Nepean Valley Toastmasters was the host club with Ian Schleter acting as the sponsor. Gary Wilson, who was the District 70 Administrative Lieutenant Governor and later to become the District 70 Governor 1982/83 and International Director 1986/1988 gave a background to Toastmasters.

The meeting was chaired by Roy Bowyer who became our Club’s first president. A motion to form the club was moved, seconded and passed unanimously.

The club was formally chartered at a dinner held at the Springwood RSL Club on 5 June, 1982, chaired by the Area 204 Governor, Keith McGill. The presentation of the charter certificate for Club 4796 and the certificates for the charter members was conducted by the late Ken Rennie, who was the District Governor at the time.

Clive Warren-Smith, who was much later to become a member of Springwood Toastmasters, was the Toastmaster for the evening and introduced the speakers, Chris Parker, Nan Kartzoff and Bob Davies.

The early years

The early years saw the club meetings being held at the Springwood RSL Club. However, after a short time, the meetings were transferred to the Springwood Country Club. It was not long before they again moved. This time to the Lodge hall in Macquarie Road in Springwood (known affectionately as the “old tin shed”). In 1997 the Club Executive sought a more presentable venue and hired a room in the Community Health Centre in Macquarie Road. However, the Centre required the room for its own purposes from 2000 and we were again forced to relocate. Since that time the Club has met in the Red Cross Hall in Macquarie Road.

The Charter Members of the Club were; Barbara Beale, Frank Blackwell, Narelle Bowen, Roy Bowyer, Frank Charlton, Dan Clift, Theo Glockerman, Chris Grady, Nan Katzoff, Gary Melton, Jennifer Murphy, Ann Newth, Peter Newth, Chris Parker, Bob Payne, June Payne, Paul Ricketts, Ian Schleter, Phil Simpson, Reg Stewart and Richard Watkins.

The first Club Executive

President – Roy Bowyer
Vice President Education – Ian Schleter
Administration Vice President – Chris Parker
Secretary – June Payne
Treasurer – Jennifer Murphy
Sgt-at-Arms – Gary Melton
Publicity Officer – Reg Stewart

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